Fall & Winter 2016:

Coming soon in 2016!

Our favorite trends for the fall of 2016 include plaids and bomber jackets! Also on the list according to Vogue magazine will be puffy coats, military styles, Western trends, track suits and even the color pink!


What was in style in the Spring & Summer of 2015:

We saw some sporty trends in the summer of 2015! 

Monochromatic looks with longer Bermuda-style shorts!

What was in style in the Fall & Winter of 2014:

We saw some awesome trends at the end of 2014! 

A "monochromatic look" with different shades of the same color brought you to the forefront of fashion. As quoted in GQ's "What to Wear Now" edition: "Pick a color and wear the hell out of it!"

Layers anyone? Layer's are always great if you're going to be outside throughout an autumn day when the temperatures may change, but layers were a defined trend in the fall of 2014. GQ was also quoted as saying: "start by leaving your shirt untucked… then layer a cardigan or crew neck over it." Did you seen our bamboo long-sleeve over our button-down dress shirt? This is what they were talking about!


Hoodies were in! These staples were a fashion must-have. Styled in traditional grey or a punchier color like olive or red. And the hoodie got layered (see trend above).

Checks were awesome for fall! Think houndstooth or flannel, and many more in between.

And speaking of flannel, the Western shirt also a trend. If you couldn't quite make the leap many guys tried a bandana as a scarf!

Grey was a great neutral. Paired with a little texture so you weren't totally bland. Think of grey as an option for the monochromatic look mentioned above!

What was in style in the Spring & Summer of 2014:

We saw soft checks, great textures, tailored Bermuda shorts, cargo pants, polo shirts (especially with contrasting details) and the continued trend of color-blocked shirts.

A few trends we shied away from for tall guys included side stripes on pants, shorter length shorts, loosely woven open-knits, graphic & printed photo shirts and pants, and especially the all-white suit.

What was in style in the Fall & Winter of 2013:

We loved the look of well-fitting sweatpants with button-down shirts, even blazers!  Over-sized plaids & color-blocking were trends that worked well for our TALL customers.  And, yes, we KNOW these items didn't come in tall sizes, that's why we are working to expand our products and eventually supply you with ALL your tall apparel needs.  

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Gray flannel sneakers kept your heel profile low while spicing up your everyday wear.  We're thinking this is a trend that could continue into spring, maybe in a brighter shade of, perhaps, aqua?