A very general "rule of thumb" taken from Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man, "short jackets on short men, long ones on tall men".  In other words, keep in scale with your body!  If you're over 6'3" tall, you can handle larger blocks of color, bold buttons, larger stripes, even details like epaulets and they won't overwhelm you.  But avoid smaller fussier details as they will get lost on your large frame.



As noted above, patterns should keep in scale with your height.  Avoid small patterns unless they are subtle enough to blend together and look like texture.  Tall guys can wear large plaids with ease.  Stripes are harder to wear as too many stripes repeated, which will happen with a larger clothing item, can be overwhelming.  When in doubt, stick to solids or patterns in non-contrasting colors.



Colors should enhance the man regardless of his height, but for tall men who naturally attract attention by standing out in a crowd, it's especially important to wear clothing that isn't jarring with your natural color tones and contrast level.

Some basic color tips:

  • Light-skinned men with dark hair and dark-skinned men with deep complexion color look fabulous wearing contrasting colors in their apparel.  Think of a pale man with dark hair looking great in a white shirt and black jacket.
  • Men with less contrast or depth of color in their skin and hair, would do well to choose more muted tones and less contrast between apparel items.
  • All men look best when highlighting one of their natural tones in clothing near their face.  Think of how a blue-eyed man's face changes and brightens when a complimentary scarf or blue tie is added to his outfit.
  • Neon rarely enhances a face.  Keep that trend for your bicycle-wear or safety-gear!



Style trends come and go.  Not all of them (think short shorts) are appropriate for a man over 6'3".  However some trends, such as color-blocking, are perfect for a tall man!  See our current TRENDS page or our BLOG for our take on what's new that will work for you.