First let's be clear.  We LOVE basketball and all those tall men and women who play it!  But if you're over 6'3" tall and don't play basketball, you might be like Altus co-founder, Carter.  At 6'8" he can't walk into a room without being asked if he plays basketball.  He doesn't.  Carter's passions are soccer, mountain biking and beach volleyball.  And he's not alone. Just for fun we compiled a list of tall guys that have done something else.  If you think of more, send us an email ( and we'll add their name to our list!


Name Height Profession
Anthony Robbins 6'7" Motivational Speaker
Brad Garrett 6'9" Actor
Bruce Hornsby 6'4" Musician
Chevy Chase 6'4" Actor
Christopher Lee 6'5" Actor
Clint Eastwood 6'4" Actor
Conan O'Brien 6'4" Entertainer
David Hasselhoff 6'4" Actor
Donald Sutherland 6'4" Actor
Ed "Too Tall" Jones 6'9" Football Player
Fred Thompson 6'6" Politician
Howard Hughes 6'4" Business Magnate
Howard Stern 6'5" Radio Personality
Hulk Hogan 6'7" Wrestler
Ivo Karlovich 6'10" Tennis Player
James Arnes 6'7" Actor
James Brolin 6'4" Actor
James Cromwell 6'7" Actor
Jeff Goldbloom 6'4" Actor
Joey Ramone 6'7" Musician
John Cleese 6'5" Comedian
John Kerry 6'4" Politician
John Mayer 6'4" Musician
Liam Neeson 6'4" Actor
Lyndon B Johnson 6'4" Politican
Michael Clark Duncan  6'5" Actor
Michael Crichton 6'9" Author
Peter Crouch 6'7" Soccer Player
Peter the Great 6'8" Russian Emporer
Randy Johnson 6'10" Baseball Player
Richard Kiel 7'2" Actor (played Jaws in Spy Who Loved Me)
Rock Hudson 6'4" Actor
Roger Waters 6'4" Musician
Stephen Merchant 6'7" Actor
Ted Cassidy 6'10" Actor (played Lurch in the Adams Family)
Tim Robbins 6'5" Actor
Usama Bin Laden 6'6" Terrorist
William Gates II 6'6" Philanthropist