I began this company because of the tall men in my family.


My husband has always struggled to find clothing that properly fits his 6’4” frame. Now our son, at 6’8” and on the lean side, has been a real challenge to shop for! It is nearly impossible to find clothes that fit him - which he would want to wear. Like a lot of tall, young men, he has had to improvise with XXL shirts that fit like a sack, T-shirts that are too short and dress shirts with familiar rolled up sleeves. His frustrations inspired me to start Altus and address the casual apparel needs of men over 6'3" that need Tall not Big & Tall clothes!


To offer well fitting apparel for tall men, while providing exceptional customer service.

Our domestic supply chain across the USA and Canada allows us to control the quality of our clothes and leave a minimum footprint on our earth. But mostly, we believe it is the right thing to do and are proud to be part of the growing movement of small businesses that are committed to supporting the American workforce and our economy.

I welcome your feedback (support@altusmenswear.com) as we expand our clothing line. Thank you for choosing Altus!


 Andrea Williamson


 Extra Tall mens apparel manufacturer is proud to produce all their products in the USA and Canada.

At Altus, we believe businesses have an obligation to balance profits with values.  We have chosen to support the American worker so all of our garments are manufactured in the USA or Canada, using American made textiles.*  Domestic manufacturing allows us to safeguard the quality of our garments, and to tightly control our inventories as well as the working conditions of our contractors.

An American supply chain reduces resource consumption and environmental impacts as well.  In addition, all of our company shipping envelopes can be recycled having already been made in America of recycled materials.

We are proud to be a small part of the groundswell that is committed to restoring the American economy and providing quality, American-made products.  We hope you will share in the vision and support a more sustainable economic and environmental future.


*American made textiles unless noted on product page.