Choosing a name for your business can be very stressful!  Does it fit your image?  Is it catchy and memorable?  Does it look good on a logo?  Is it already being used by another business?  Does another business share part of the name and would you want to be associated with that name's possible reputation?  These are all questions you and your team should research.


Now that we are nearly two years into the commitment of our apparel company, I can look back and chuckle at our first business name ideas.  Lanky Male, Lean Dude, Tall & Thin Men, Stilt Punk, and Stalky Guy were some of our considerations for a clothing line aimed at men who need a "tall" not necessarily "big & tall" fit.


I do find myself occasionally having to explain our choice.  Altus can be defined as hightallloftysublimeexaltedprofound, and deep.  What a great word!  Plus it looks great on a label.


Here I am adjusting my model's sleeve at our recent photo shoot for upcoming new products. 




He wants to show me the world through his 6'8" eyes.  I have to stand on a crate!