What's in a Name?

By Andrea Williamson
on May 23, 2013

Choosing a name for your business can be very stressful!  Does it fit your image?  Is it catchy and memorable?  Does it look good on a logo?  Is it already being used by another business?  Does another business share part of the name and would you want to be associated with that name's possible reputation?  These are all questions you and your team should research.


Now that we are nearly two years into the commitment of our apparel company, I can look back and chuckle at our first business name ideas.  Lanky Male, Lean Dude, Tall & Thin Men, Stilt Punk, and Stalky Guy were some of our considerations for a clothing line aimed at men who need a "tall" not necessarily "big & tall" fit.


I do find myself occasionally having to explain our choice.  Altus can be defined as hightallloftysublimeexaltedprofound, and deep.  What a great word!  Plus it looks great on a label.


Here I am adjusting my model's sleeve at our recent photo shoot for upcoming new products. 




He wants to show me the world through his 6'8" eyes.  I have to stand on a crate!


Extra-Tall Mens Clothing Model Participates in 'Relay for Life'

By Andrea Williamson
on May 20, 2013

Having recently opened our online store Altus, for tall and extra-tall men, we spend the weekend with family and participate in our first American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event.  My son, and the inspiration for our clothing line for tall men, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 years ago.  His participation in the Relay for Life event for the first time happened at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

Listening to the opening remarks at our first Relay for Life, this one in Bellingham, WA.



A thyroid cancer survivor, my son walks the first "Survivors" lap with my mother. His grandma is a breast cancer survivor.


Dreams Do Come True

By Andrea Williamson
on May 16, 2013

When I was in high school I wanted to be a fashion designer!  I had been sewing since I was 8 even making my own clothing.  I can remember having to stand in front of my third-grade class to model a jumper I had made.  I was shy and embarrassed that the teacher was making a big fuss over me.  I was so reserved the thought of going off to one of the fashion industry capitals for college (think NYC or Paris) terrified me!  So I studied art, and then business (both at the University of Oregon), horticulture and landscape design (at South Seattle Community College) and eventually landscape architecture (at the University of Washington).  All this education spanned over 25 years, during which time I made maternity clothes (for myself), wedding dresses (for friends), costumes (for my kids' preschool dress-up box), doll clothes (for my daughter's dolls), men's dress shirts (for my husband), and countless other sewing projects.  Fast forward.  While working in landscape design, my now 20-year-old son keeps growing!  He's reached 6'8" and I'm making him dress shirts just like his father, who at 6'4" seems short to me.  And he's complaining!  He can't go to the local mall and get clothes.  He walked into the local Big & Tall store when he was a senior in high school (and a couple inches shorter than he is now) and was told there would be only 2 or 3 shirts in the store that "might" fit him properly.  The problem is he isn't "Big", just tall!  Tired with the complaints about finding clothes to fit him, our whole family comes up with this crazy idea to start a clothing line for tall and extra-tall men:  www.altusmenswear.com


Well, maybe it's not so crazy.  I figure there are other moms who have sons with a similar body type who are equally frustrated.  I realize I am now doing what I wanted to all along.

Products have arrived!

By Andrea Williamson
on May 14, 2013

Nearly two years after my family decided to start a clothing company for tall men, I picked up our first products and we opened our business!